May 23, 2017


Dear Customer,

We thank you for trust in AQUA PURE SINE water purifier. We know that your greatest joy is to seen your family healthy and happy. You have ensured your family’s health and happiness for life, because AQUA PURE SINE Water purifier gives you complete solution to your water problems. We are confidante that you will be satisfied with is’s performance and that it will serve your need for safe and clean drinking water.

Reverse Osmosis is a hyperfiltration process in which all impurities (dissolved ions,heavy molecular weight compounds, bacteria,viruses) are removed from water by passing through membrane under designed pressure. The water is splitted into two streams. The pure water comes after passing through the membrane holes, containing only permissible ingredient. All undesirable elements including salts & biological impurities flush out along with rejected water,before membrane,water is pretreated by passing through softener,sediment filter,carbon filter & Chlorination is desired.

Founder and CEO of Aqua Pure Sine- Mr. Suman Chatterjee

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